About Us


Jim’s Computer Franchises is a Melbourne based company with a strong reputation in the industry for rendering flawless and extraordinary solution to computer troubleshooting. Whether it is a business area or an individual’s computer we are the best and aim at being the best in future with the help of our exceptional and award winning results.

If you are looking for computer repair business franchises, we offer you the privilege of taking help from us in establishing computer repair franchises. Being in the IT repair and service industry we understand that there are plenty of scopes and opportunity to flourish as a technician. As a professional, we have seen that computers have developed into an essential element in every sector for in running a flourishing business.

The IT industry is continually expanding in Melbourne and the demand for computer services is rapidly increasing. Most business and individual uses computers, which indicates there is demand for repair and maintenance. Thus our company has a large group of designers and developers who are working continuously for our clients. Our team of experts has enough experience and is certified so that they can perform flawless duties. We also make certain that our technicians are modernized with the latest changes happening in the IT sector for error free services.

Our company is completely equipped and ready for presenting you computer service franchise. In Melbourne, we are one counted among the top companies who specialize in IT business and services.

computer repair business franchises
computer repair business franchises
computer repair business franchises

Reasons to choose us

  • Amazing support and training for the experts
  • Our secret of success in the computer and IT industry
  • Affordable and reasonable rates for the service we offer
  • Continuous opportunity to work and improve your talent and skill
  • Customer friendly service
  • You will prefer to repair and fix your computer instead of buying a new one

We are passionate workers who love to spend time fixing and servicing the computers which are now one of the most vital components in every sphere. Whether it is an adult or a youth they will need our assistance unless they have all the necessary knowledge about the computers. Contact us for computer franchise or repair business!

Jim’s Computer Franchises is a national network of locally based IT professionals that are able to provide you with the prompt and personalized service that you are looking for, whether you are a home office, a business requiring IT support or a home computer user requiring assistance and advice.

For Master Franchisor, or Franchisee opportunities in Melbourne and Victoria call us now.