Work from Home Computer Services

Specialists from our firm maintains and services networks, PCs, and computers that have different kinds of operating systems..

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Laptop and Computer Repairs Franchise

There is a rapid growth in the market for laptop and computer repair franchise because the computer is widespread..

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Computer Service and Support Franchise

Our firm renders support and services to IT sector for small scale business and offices which operate from home..

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Jim’s Computer Services (Victoria, ACT and Brisbane/Sunshine Coast) is nestled in Melbourne, with regions in Victoria, ACT and Brisbane North and Sunshine Coast which is recognised for being a well known computer repair / maintenance and services franchise in the areas mentioned. We pride ourselves for specialising in PC and  laptop repair, along with a comprehensive range of services for your products and IT requirements whether you are a small business,  a home user, a small or large enterprise.

Our established franchisees have plenty of experience in IT sector,which service a large area so new franchisees are welcome.

We travel far and wide and have achieved success with our dedication and passion towards presenting customer satisfying results. Our group of franchisees offer support to businesses as well as the individuals with a hassle free service by having an expert at your call. Experienced and friendly franchisees from Jim's Computer Services pride themselves on great customer service every time we visit a customer.

The brand along with our team of experts, struggle hard to deliver an exceptional and professional laptop and computer repair service right from the starting to the end. Jim’s Computer Services Franchisees provide the opportunity of onsite computer solutions for various issues and problems that may arise. We can work on a number of devises such has workstations, laptops, PCs , notebooks,  tablets, servers, networks, wifi and much more.

Computer and Internet Services Franchise

We have been helping business and home users with your computer and laptop issues for a number of years thus can solve the problems without wasting much time. If you need a help for computer problems, our experts are always ready to assist you with a prompt answer. Prevent the inconvenience that can take place for your business or personal sphere by having us by your side. 

Computer Franchise Opportunities
Computer Services Franchise

Subsequently, if you are having a problem with your laptop or desktop and are looking for a specialist to repair your device, feel free to call us for solving your queries and doubts. With our computer franchise opportunities you will get time and cost-effective solution to your problems and help you get back to your regular schedule and running with your work in no time. We promise to deliver the best and speedy solution from the house of experts.


Jim’s Computer Services (Victoria, ACT and Brisbane/Sunshine Coast) is a Melbourne based franchie business, with exposure in Victoria, Canberra/ACT and Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas. We have a strong reputation in the industry for providing excellent results and solutions/services and computer troubleshooting.

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